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Oct. 7th, 2013 04:15 pm
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Now seems like a good time to mention that I am moving my Supernatural writing to AO3 - same username - for public consumption. The biggest reason is because I like the feedback and moderation system better over at AO3, and am more comfortable with the public profile there. It's slow going though, and I had a huge hiatus in the moving process, or I'd have said something sooner. I'm trying to move one entry per day, (I may move that up to 3 entries to speed it up) keeping the moving minimal on a daily basis so I don't overload search engines (nothing annoys me more than to search a certain term, and find that the most recent updates are a dozen stories by the same author!). It'll take a while, but please come visit me over there. Some of the Glee stories are there, and I invite any other Glee authors to email me at FlinchFlower at gmail.com to discuss potential alternatives for some of the more specialized Glee fic. There's also a venture into Criminal Minds... more of that coming on AO3 eventually.

My post is prompted by the fact that I've heard (http://nochick-fics.livejournal.com/436718.html) that LJ, owned by a Russian company, is censoring journals that have certain writing content in them. I suspect that I have not had issues because my writing is locked down, available by f-request only, which I hope to be true.

I felt that it's a good enough time to make the announcement, given that.

If anyone knows of how to move my entire LJ over to another service easily, I'm all ears, lol. There's a ton of memories on here I'd like to preserve :) even if I am moving my writing.
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This journal is now friends-only. Many different reasons have led to this difficult decision, including rude comments, re-posting without permission, plagiarism, and privacy issues. The privacy issues relate to two different subjects: 1) The potential for this journal to be deleted since it deals with a number of non-mainstream subjects like spanking, bdsm, and other fun but not widely accepted activities; and 2)The fact that this journal now contains a great deal of fanfic. For those who don't know or realize, fanfiction - or writing that includes original character(s) created by other authors - is legally a copyright violation. Authours have the right - and have pursued the right to legally prosecute fanfic writers. The primary fandom I write in, Supernatural, has no history of such action, this is simply a personal choice to protect myself.

If you wish to be listed as a friend to this journal, please email or comment here to do so. Please be aware that if there is any further evidence found of my writing being re-posted, or plagiarized, I will take the entire journal offline. I enjoy the writing, just as I enjoy reading other writers fanfic, and the only reason I share it in the first place is because I know there are others out there who enjoy reading the types/genres of stories that I produce. If that openness is abused, again, I will take the entire journal offline.


Flynn Anthony
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I've had a long hiatus from writing, but 7 days from now, it begins again.


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